Rest well, my senior derp hippo Grandpa Brooke

Two days ago on Monday, Nov. 5th, I said goodbye to my heart dog. Grandpa Brooke, whom I have written about before, began to d

What it’s like on the Street Food 101 Tour with Saigon Street Eats

One of the best decisions we made for our Ho Chi Minh City travel itinerary was to book a street food tour on the first full d

Goodnight, my sweet boy

Twelve days ago, we made the terrible choice to let our sweet basset boy Waldo cross the bridge. It is never an easy choice; h

Year 4: Do Cancerversaries ever get easier?

Another cancerversary has passed. When will this get easier? Will it ever?

A Dog-Friendly Afternoon in Providence, Rhode Island

Every summer, we celebrate our pit bull Ellie’s birthday with the usual fanfare of a silly hat, lots of treats, and plen

Hidden Utah: Standing at the end of the world at Anticline Outlook

There are other stunning places besides the national parks that are hidden in plain sight around Moab, Utah. They simply requi

360° Street Photos of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Note: Use your cursor or finger to swipe in all directions to get the full 360-degree experience.  Crossing the street in Ho

A day in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam

During our nine days in Southern Vietnam, we booked several tours that would get us out of our home base in Ho Chi Minh City.

Empowering day at the Massachusetts Conference for Women

#MassWomen is an empowering and inspiring day for all women.

Quick trip to Louisville, Kentucky and Mammoth Cave National Park

During the last weekend of August, we took off on a quick weekend trip to Louisville and to Mammoth Cave National Park. It was

The Story of Grandpa Brooke

I recently produced a video to share his story with the aim of promoting senior dog adoption.

The Essential Guide to National Parks on Instagram

Here is the essential list of national park accounts to follow.

Ghost town: Cemetery is last remnant of Espuela, Texas

What happened to this little town in Texas and who remains here?

A Peoples’ Journey Through the Smithsonian NMAAHC

After months of trying to secure tickets to the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture, we fina

Visiting Monteverde, the cloud forest of Costa Rica

Most people may think of hot weather and the beach when they think of Costa Rica, but that is only one aspect of the many envi