EH Publishing, home of ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International, announced today that yet another AV magazine is joining the ranks. This one is called Commercial Integrator, with a companion web site of the same name. (Read the full announcement here.) The site launches in December 2010 and the print mag ships in January 2011.

While I am excited to see that there is another vehicle for fellow AV writers to get work, I’m also wondering what they will do differently in a very crowded market. To date, Systems Contractor News, Sound & Communication (S&C), Sound & Video Contractor (S&VC), and PRO AV Magazine all cover commercial integration as their main focus. Other pubs like FOH Magazine and Live Sound International have a small install section even though their main coverage is live sound. Meanwhile, online mag rAVe ProAV covers the business side of integration rather than showcasing individual installs. In short, commercial integration is really well covered.

Second factor that concerns me is the economy (of course) and that the majority of integrators are hurting for work. Business has picked up this year, but it’ll be a while before we see business levels return to the heady days of 2007 and 2008. Integrators have no money, manufacturers have cut back on marketing and advertising budgets, and the AV editorial market is hurting. It may seem like a bad time to launch a magazine, but these kinds of environments is what breeds innovation. So my hopes are high and my curiosity is piqued.

So, please take my poll and tell me if you plan on reading the new Commercial Integrator Magazine when it comes out. (Please note: I have no ties to EH Publishing nor do I write for this magazine. Poll results are shared with everyone.)