Those of you in my Twitter stream may have noticed that I’m talking alot about Audi (even though I drive a Subaru and am quite proud of that fact) and adding the hashtags #ProgressIs and #evegloves in my tweets. So what’s going on?

During the Super Bowl, Audi included a Twitter hashtag at the end of its 60-second commercial. They are the first to do so, and have launched themselves into a social media experiment – to use old school media to make a ton of noise on social media platforms. Entrants had to tweet their definition of #ProgressIs and their unique URL.

My tweet was chosen as a top 10 finalist among the thousands of tweets in the contest.

I’m excited that I was able to cut through the noise and get chosen. But I’m more excited about the grand prize – a chance to give away $25,000 of Audi’s money to charity. (Oh, the grand prize winner also gets to drive around a track in an R8 supercar. Exciting, but not as exciting as giving away $25,000 of someone else’s money!)

The contest is running this week so there are 2 days left of me bugging you about it. (Contest ends Friday, Feb. 18 at 11:59 p.m. ET) I’m currently in third place and need your help to get to the top.

How you can help:

(1) Go to this Twitpic – – and give me some page views (worth 2 points) or comments (1 point each.)

(2) Include #ProgressIs and #evegloves in your tweets. They must appear together in the same tweet to count as 1 point in my favor.

(3) RT this blog link with #ProgressIs and #evegloves in the tweet. I get 10 points for the blog post, 1 point for each mention of the hashtags, and an extra point for comments on this blog post.

As always, thank you for your support and thanks for reading!

Blog edit – 2/17/11 – 5:51 pm EST – I’ve been told by Audi’s marketing people that the winner must choose the charities from a pre-approved list. If I win, I will put that choice to a vote so that everyone who helped me win will get a say in where the money goes.