I’ve just finished reading yet another news article about measuring social media influence. There are a whole slew (yes, that is a scientific term) of services that will look at your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn data to determine your score. These services have metrics like Influence, Impact, Reach, Authority, Audience, etc. According to this blog, there are 195 social media monitoring tools. Yes, you read that right: 195.

Which begs the question: Do you know your Klout score? What about your PeerIndex score? How about your grade from Twitter Grader? Your score from Twitalyzer? Better yet, what about your competitor’s Klout score? Or your co-worker’s Tweetlytics score?

The plethora of numbers is enough to make your head spin. But I have to ask: does it really matter?

Here’s the one number that I’m concentrating on: 71. That is the percentage of tweets that are ignored on Twitter. According to a study by Sysomos and written about in this PC Magazine article, “71 percent of tweets fall into the abyss, receiving no response at all.

Think about that. Almost three-quarters of all tweets are not RTed, replied to, or mentioned in any way. Billions of tweets are ignored outright. So if you are crafting tweets that are RTed at all – even once! – then you are far ahead of the game. Isn’t knowing that fact much better than knowing your score?