Why am I talking about NASA?

Most of you know that my work, as well as good portion of my life, revolves around the audiovisual (AV) industry. I’m married to a former live sound guy/current loudspeaker development guy, I work for clients in the pro AV industry, and most of my hobbies and interests veer towards technology (AV and non-AV.)

My blog posts tend to stay with certain themes like social media, AV, and client service; however, blog readers and Twitter followers will notice that my posts will go in a completely different direction in the coming week.

Starting April 26 until May 1, my content will focus on the STS-134 Endeavour shuttle launch and the #NASAtweetup that accompanies it. I’m very honored to be 1 of 150 people who were chosen by NASA to attend the launch at Kennedy Space Center, just 3 miles from the launch pad.

For #avtweeps wishing to follow my experience at the tweetup, I’ve listed several URLs you can bookmark. You can also subscribe to my blog post feeds to get my daily updates on the trip.

Linda’s #NASAtweetup photo feed

NASA TV live streaming

Linda on Twitter

The entire #NASAtweetup group on Twitter – list

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