Eating yogurt with a fork – The #NASAtweetup road trip

As many of you know, I left home yesterday on a six-day road trip from MA to FL to attend the #NASAtweetup. Day 1 consisted of 12.5 hours of driving from MA to NC, with @Jules_F1 as my co-pilot. We crossed through 8 states and had blue skies all the way.


So why is this post called “Eating yogurt with a fork”? Because that’s what I found myself doing last night. I was so brain dead that I had remembered to bring in the cooler so I could have a small dinner of yogurt and an apple, but left the most important utensil in the car. My spoon. And I was too lazy to go get it and too tired to write a blog post about our trip so far.


I have nothing intelligent or witty to say about driving 12.5 hours in one shot. It is tiring, but at least Julie and I got in some good bonding time.


Day 2 was today and was a much shorter haul from NC to FL. The absolute best part? @AVJessica drove two hours from Tampa to come meet me at our hotel for dinner. TWO HOURS after a long work day. Have I mentioned how much I love this woman??!?


Jessica even wore her Fulcrum Acoustic shirt!

I’ll post the agenda for #NASAtweetup Day 1 tomorrow. It is a long 12-hour day but filled with great experiences. Look for that in a separate post.


Also, don’t forget that I’m posting pictures in this gallery whenever I can.


Thanks all, and thanks for reading.


Blog edit: Those of you reading this post in a Safari browser may see the photo of me and Jessica upside-down. I’m not being funny; I have no idea why this is happening since it is correct in Chrome and Firefox. Go figure.




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