If you’re connected to me via a social media platform (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+), then you’ve probably noticed I’ve been talking about the Boston Globe lately. Last week, I joined their news organization as a web producer working on the new BostonGlobe.com web site. I’m so excited to re-join the Globe and to work with a team of media professionals who are so intelligent and tech-savvy.

So… what does this mean? I’m still very firmly planted in the AV community and this new adventure won’t negatively impact my work with clients or with running #AVchat. If anything, much of what I learn at the Globe will benefit the work I do for AV clients and our media. The biggest change is that you’ll see/hear me communicating about the Boston Globe and its new site.

But speaking of #AVchat, we have a new LinkedIn group for AVtweeps to join. I also need to give big kudos to my chat co-moderator Paul Konikowski for some new ideas that we’ll be implementing over the next few weeks. Thanks for all of your enthusiasm and ideas, Paul!