Photography night at Gillette Stadium

Last week, the New England Revolution soccer team and Gillette Stadium hosted a photography night. Photography groups from the Northeast were invited to a pre-game romp around the field at Gillette, as well as great seats to the game versus the Montreal Impact.

Rich on the field at Gillette Stadium
Rich on the field at Gillette Stadium

Although I’m not a big soccer fan, this was an opportunity that was hard not to pass up. We were allowed to bring guests, so Rich came with me even though he’s not a soccer fan nor does he shoot. Still, it was a different experience to see the stadium from the field.

Me with the iconic 130-foot lighthouse at Gillette.
Me with the iconic 130-foot lighthouse at Gillette.

We had about an hour to wander around the field and shoot. It was more time than needed since the team wasn’t on the field and we weren’t allowed to wander up through the stands. There are only so many photos one can take of a soccer goal and the empty seats/benches.

I did realize, though, that it had been a really long time since I had been to Foxborough. The last time I went there, Patriot Place didn’t exist and I think the last concert I attended was at the old Foxboro Stadium; not Gillette.

So it was interesting to wander around the entire complex. I’m still working through the RAW files and processing photos, so there will be more photos coming as soon as I have time to post them.



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