Every year during the last two weeks of September, I look forward to the Eastern States Exposition, also known as The Big E. It’s the Northeast’s version of the state fair that is held in West Springfield, MA.

The 17-day long affair is unlike any other fair we have in this area. The Avenue of States is a multi-building walk through each state in the Northeast: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire, in addition to the agricultural displays, the midway, and the rows of rows of food vendors that offer anything and everything fried (see this sign as an example.)

My husband on a swing ride at The Big E.
My husband on a swing ride at The Big E.

This year, The Big E runs until September 30. Click here for more photos from The Big E and from others fairs and festivals in the area.

Sunset at The Big E's Midway.
Sunset at The Big E’s Midway.