I’m invited to a tweetup at the White House!


As some of you may remember, I was lucky enough to attend a tweetup held by NASA for the final Space Shuttle Endeavour launch (photos)  in Spring of 2011. I was 1 of 150 civilians chosen by NASA to watch the launch from the grounds of the Kennedy Space Center, 3 miles from the launch pad. This was as close as any civilian can get to a shuttle launch. I thought that would be about it for cool tweetups in my lifetime, but yesterday I got the notification that I’ve been invited to the White House Social: Fall Garden Tour!

On Friday, October 19th, select White House followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are invited to a special tour of the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, Rose Garden, and the South Lawn, including the White House Kitchen Garden.

Additional details are forthcoming pending security clearance (and I’d like to think it helps that I’ve already passed security clearance for the NASA event), but I do know that live-tweeting and photos are encouraged. So stay tuned for a flurry of tweets and photos from me on the 19th!

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