I finally did it. Welcome to Facebook detox day #1. The first step to a Facebook-free life is a thorough culling of my profile. Goodbye photos, check-ins, link shares, and status updates.

Over the years, I’ve built a love/hate relationship with Facebook. It was pure love at first, just like with any new relationship. I eagerly filled out every blank field, giving out personal information like where I was born and where I went to school without questioning how that information would be used or who would see it.

I excitedly accepted every friend request – no matter whether we were lifelong friends or we had met once at a trade show. It didn’t matter. It’s Facebook! We’re all one big, happy family here, right?
Not exactly.

So why detox from Facebook?

I’m realizing that sharing one’s life with everyone I’ve ever met doesn’t quite work. That person I met once at a trade show shouldn’t have access to my wedding photos. And my lifelong friends shouldn’t have to deal with inane comments from people who barely know me. Then there’s the thorny issue of current and former coworkers – did I remember to hide that complaint-filled status update from my work friends? I didn’t?! Oh crap …

So it’s not that I don’t care about a friend’s new baby, or an acquaintances engagement, or a work friend’s new puppy. I do care. But after I count the many hours of my life spent on Facebook and not actually talking to these people, I can only come to the conclusion that Facebook hasn’t brought me any closer to the people I care about. In anything, it’s pushed us farther apart. Why should I call Friend X when I can just look up her Facebook timeline and see what’s she’s doing?

Facebook detox day #1 is going well so far. I’ve removed all temptation to look at it: iOS app deleted, bookmarks removed, and all notifications turned off.

It takes 21 days to form a good habit. How many days does it take to break a bad one?