Molly (left) and Carroll.
Molly (left) and Carroll.

Folks, I’d like you to meet Molly and Carroll. Rich and I have sat next to them at Pawtucket Red Sox (Pawsox) games for the past 5-6 seasons and they are possibly the most awesome couple on the planet.

Molly and Carroll have been married for 54 years. They live on their farm in Rhode Island, where they used to raise cattle but now just grow hay in their fields. They are retired and enjoy things like minor league baseball games on the weekends and really big jigsaw puzzles.

Molly is a great storyteller and is that person who can fill in the gaps of a conversation so perfectly that there is never an awkward moment or strange silence. She tells us that she and Carroll got married because “I wanted to have breakfast with him … and we have ever since.” This photo totally captures them: she’s telling a story and he’s just trying to watch the game. 🙂

So why am I writing about them? Because of so many reasons … I’ve grown to care about them immensely. I’ve learned so much about their lives through their stories. I hope that one day Rich and I have 54 years of marriage stories to share in the same way they do.

Sometimes people get closed-off and forget to speak with people around them, especially in a public place like a baseball stadium. Don’t forget to look to your left or your right and say hello. You never know what you’ll get back.