Take a walk: Mass Audubon’s Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

I recently visited Mass Audubon’s Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary  as a way to get around the epic killer of hope called the Friday afternoon commute. Since starting a new job in the MetroWest area last year, I’ve learned that getting on the road any time between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. on a Friday is pointless since I’m going to sit in stop-and-go traffic the entire way home.

Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary was a great change of scenery from my usual stall tactics of going to the gym or heading to the mall. The Nature Center at Broadmoor was under construction when I visited in late August, with the check-in desk housed in a portable trailer. (It looks like the new Nature Center will be fantastic once it reopens though.)

The trails at Broadmoor are well-marked and easy to navigate. There is also an accessible boardwalk along the marsh that has benches if you just want to sit and birdwatch. I chose a longer trail that makes a small 2-mile loop around the sanctuary and includes a look at two small waterfalls.

On my way back around, I spied a family of swans. The photo below is a close-up of some adolescent swans that were feeding with the rest of the family.

Adolescent Swans
Adolescent swans at Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick, MA.

There are also open water areas in the sanctuary. On a clear day, you can see clouds reflected in the water (photo below).

Not a Mass Audubon member? That’s okay! It’s only $5 for non-members to enter Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary. (Members get in free.)


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