Celebrating the Year of the Horse in Boston’s Chinatown

The Chinese New Year lion dance parade in Boston’s Chinatown is one of my favorite events of the winter. The lion dance parade is typically held the weekend after the actual New Year’s date. (Why? I have no idea.) The New Year started on January 31st, but the parade was held on February 9th. Go figure.

There was additional confusion this year over the parade due to the rift between longtime event partners Chinatown Main Street (CMS) and the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA).  This somewhat confusing statement from CMS saying that the partnership had dissolved, but made no mention of the fate of the parade.

The lion dance parade happened as usual this year despite the CMS/CCBA split, and I hope it will continue for years to come.

Celebrating the Year of the Horse 2014
The lion dance performers do a great job with the theatrics.
Celebrating the Year of the Horse 2014
The typical offering for a lion dance include red envelopes of money, lettuce to signify fortune, and oranges to signify wealth.
Celebrating the Year of the Horse 2014
Firecrackers scare away evil. Notice that this guy lit his firecrackers with a propane torch. 
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