It was finally a beautiful summer day in New England, so we headed south to the area around Newport, RI. As locals, we should’ve known better since Newport was a zoo! So instead we opted for Jamestown, the smaller, quieter baby brother to Newport. Jamestown is located across the bay from Newport, just a short drive on 138 over the Pell Newport Bridge.

Jamestown was a happening town back in the day(it had nine hotels in 1903, according to Wikipedia), but today it has a small main drag along Narragansett Ave. that has some restaurants. (If you stop in this area, have a meal at Chopmist Charlie’s. You can’t go wrong with anything on their menu.) The marina at the eastern end of Narragansett Ave. (where it meets Conanicus Ave.) offers a great view of the Newport Bridge and of the bay.

We were searching for something else to do after lunch and Fort Wetherill came up as a state park in Jamestown. The history of Fort Wetherill is quite interesting, including its role as a military site dating back to the American Revolution.

A look at one small section of Fort Wetherill. The circular indents are gun platforms that are now overtaken by trees and vegetation.

The fort is now part of the state park system and is open to the public from sunrise to sunset. We had a fun time exploring the exterior and trying to explore interior of the fort. Tip: Bring closed-toed shoes and a powerful flashlight if you want to go underground into the fort. It is pitch black and the flashlight app on your phone will not help at all.

Fort Wetherill stands on the granite cliffs of Conanicut Island. You can’t see much from the upper walkway of the fort, but a jaunt down some unofficial paths will bring you to the water. (Again, wear the right shoes.)