“Outside the Spacecraft” Exhibit at Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum

On Wednesday, I took a quick day trip down to Washington, DC to attend a special social media event at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. The event was a preview of the “Outside the Spacecraft” exhibit that would open the next day (January 8, 2015) and run until June.

This select group of social media fans learned about the exhibit from:

  • General Jack Dailey, director of Air and Space
  • Dr. Jennifer Levasseur, curator of “Outside the Spacecraft”
  • Lisa Young, conservator
  • Richard Bentham, “Outside the Spacecraft” designer
  • James Ragan, former aerospace engineer and now with Omega watches
  • Michael Lopez-Alegria, former NASA astronaut and ISS commander

Check out my Storify for this event in addition to the photos below.

My full set of photos are available here. 

Can’t make it to DC? Check out the Smithsonian’s online exhibit. 

#Spacewalk50 Social at Air and Space
General Jack Dailey, director of the Air & Space Museum, greeted our group as we entered the exhibit.
#Spacewalk50 Social at Air and Space
The exhibit is laid out more like an art gallery than an artifact showcase. The pieces are spaced apart enough that you can linger on one piece without stopping the flow of people around you.
#Spacewalk50 Social at Air and Space
Gene Cernan’s boots, the last to make footprints on the moon. As the sign says: “Lunar dust still coats some of these pieces.”
#Spacewalk50 Social at Air and Space
One of the highlights of this social media event was meeting former NASA astronaut and ISS Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria (@CommanderMLA on Twitter)


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