Road Trip to MASS MoCA art museum


One of the things I love about living in New England is that there is never a lack of activity on the weekends. If you want a road trip, Massachusetts is the perfect place for one. A one- to two-hour drive can net you anything from a day in Boston to an afternoon in Maine, a sail in Newport Harbor in Rhode Island, or your pick from some of the world-class cultural institutions in our region.

We chose MASS MoCA as our road trip destination last weekend. My husband loves contemporary art and MASS MoCA in North Adams is one of the largest centers for contemporary art in the country. Situated on 24 acres in northwestern Massachusetts, the museum makes its home in a converted factory building. The galleries are expansive, including one entire gallery that is the size of a football field. You can see my full photo set on

If you go, be sure to check out the Boiler House, which is a short walk from the main museum. It features a sound exhibit called All Those Vanished Engines, an art installation by Stephen Vitiello. It’s a great visual exhibit as well. Here’s a photo of inside the Boiler House.




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