I don’t normally find anything at antique stores, but today was an exception. I’m pretty stoked about this cookbook from 1940 that I picked up at the Rhode Island Antiques Mall (as well as a Grand Canyon postcard from 1950!)

Vintage cookbook

It’s only in recent years that I have begun to collect vintage cookbooks. I love them for so many reasons – the recipes, the prose, the photography. This particular cookbook is by Frances Troy Northcross, home counselor of the Washington Times-Herald and creator of Radio Recipes. The opening paragraph reads:

Everybody has a “sweet tooth” of considerable size. As a nation we Americans consume more sweets in any form than any other group in the world–and that is a tribute, not a criticism. We need more sugar, because individually and collectively we move faster and farther than any other national group. Sugar in every form is what feeds that dynamic energy.

Ha! See that I mean? I love the writing so much! I will also be cooking my way through this book soon. Steamed puddings, anyone???

Recipes for Steamed Pudding