Mikey, our first foster dog, finds his new home

This week, we placed our first foster dog in his new home. Mikey, a PAWS New England foster dog, came to us in early November after yet another failed adoption through no fault of his own. Mikey had been in the system for at least a year and a half, and we promised that we wouldn’t give up on him.

His previous stop was a long stay at a boarding facility in Connecticut. He was getting so depressed in boarding that he stopped eating, and he was skin and bones when he arrived at our house. We immediately set to work in putting weight on his bony frame and to teaching him the fine art of living in a home.

Everyday appliances like the fridge were a wonder to him. He stuck his head fully into the fridge (and the toilet) the first time he saw them. He is a funny, goofy big dude.

The Art of Kitchen Cleanup

Mikey found a wonderful home with a loving family, including this young man (below) who fell instantly in love with him when they met.

Mikey Meets His Forever Family!

We miss you, Mikey, but are so happy that you’ve finally, FINALLY found your permanent home.

Interested in adopting a rescue dog in New England? Please visit the PAWS New England web site to view their adoptable dogs.

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