Every Memorial Day Weekend since 2009, a pretty great tradition goes on display on the Boston Common. Hundreds of volunteers plant 37,000 American flags – one flag for every Massachusetts fallen soldier since the Revolutionary War – in a “flag garden” that remains for the duration of the long weekend. Seeing tens of thousands of flags is humbling and stunning, and a powerful remembrance that each flag represents a person.

Funded by the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund (MMHF), this beautiful tribute is displayed near the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on the Common. You can sponsor a flag to help support the MMHF’s work in supporting family members of fall soldiers, including funeral costs not covered by the military, medical care, and funds for basics needs like groceries and utilities. To date, $11,517 was raised during this year’s event.

Find out more about MMHF’s work and how to support them by visiting http://www.massmilitaryheroes.org/.