One of my favorite ways to spend a weekend afternoon is to play tourist in the city. We hadn’t visited the New England Aquarium in several years and it was time to check out the renovated giant ocean tank that is the centerpiece of the aquarium’s main building. (I just checked; it was renovated in 2013! I guess it’s been more than a few years…)

We were lucky enough to catch the twice-daily (at 9:00 AM ET and at 2:30 PM ET) penguin feeding. Each of the 90+ penguins are fed by hand so that the staff biologists can track each penguin’s nutritional needs.

Want to volunteer for the penguin exhibit? Looks like the New England Aquarium is taking volunteer applications to work with the penguins. (How cool is that?!)


By the way, check out this really cool time lapse video of the aquarium staff renovating the giant tank: