It’s only recently that I realized my and my husband’s combined sense of adventure leads us to do weird things, like posing with aliens or meeting a pig on a Costa Rican beach. Our weekend at the Lake George Winter Carnival did not disappoint, as we were able to catch the famed outhouse races. Yes, you read that right. Outhouse races.

The rules are simple: You must build a (non-working) outhouse to spec and push/pull it over the finish line at a distance of 50 yards.


Little did we know that these races are a 30-year tradition in the Lake George area. This year, the ice was too thin so the race was held at a local park. Under normal conditions, the race is held on the frozen lake where other factors like stopping your outhouse vs. crowd safety plays a bigger role in the festivities.

We had a great time, even though the race itself was over in a matter of minutes. There were multiple heats to determine the winner, but when each race lasts 5-8 seconds and you have only five entrants, you get to the winner pretty quickly!

If you ever have a chance to see (or better yet participate in) an outhouse race, you definitely should. It’s fun to watch and you can’t help but walk away with a smile.