Last month, before the world turned upside-down and we were all ordered to stay at home due to the coronavirus, I was able to volunteer my time as a photographer for a Booker Fund photo shoot. The Booker Fund was established by the Live Like Roo Foundation in Chicago. Their purpose is “to spoil hospice dogs with a cancer diagnosis. This Fund, an arm of the Live Like Roo Foundation, pays for hotel rooms, wagons, dog beds and anything a dog needs in the final days or months. We have sent many dogs and their owners to hotel stays to forget about cancer for awhile and we have found that it TRULY helps them. This Fund is named for a dude named Booker, who takes in hospice dogs and gives them the best life.”

For Ginger and her family, their wish was for her to visit the beach for the first time. Accompanied by her beagle brother and her human parents, Ginger not only saw the ocean, but was able to walk along the beach, hang out in a beach chair, and pose for a family photo.


My thanks to the great folks at Live Like Roo and the Booker Fund, and to Ginger’s family for allowing me to be a part of this very special trip. You can view the photo album here.


For more information about Live Like Roo, please visit their website. They send care packages to dogs with cancer and offer grants and other help to families dealing with the devastating effects of canine cancer, as well as manage activities related to the Booker Fund.