Memorial Pendant: Bogart

Metalsmithing started as a pandemic hobby for me. I had just started a Metals class about a month before the world shut down in 2020 and later decided to keep practicing this art at home when we realized that the shutdown would last longer than a few weeks. Fast forward two years; I never dreamed that I would be selling my work and also working with customers on custom creations.

Dog people are my people, as you may know. So when Bogart’s mom reached out to me about a memorial project, I had to say yes. Bogart passed away last year – around the same time we lost Bernie Bear – and his mom wanted pendants for her and for her husband to remember him by. And she wanted to gift her husband his pendant on Valentine’s Day 2022.

I was really nervous about this project. It holds such heavy meaning for such a beloved member of the family. My heart still breaks when I think about Bernie’s absence.

Bogart’s mom and I worked together at every stage of the design to make sure that she could see her boy in the finished product. It was important to me to get design feedback like that. This isn’t a mass produced item. Only two exist in the world and it had to look like him.

I’m happy to report that Bogart’s parents love their pendants. They miss him dearly and it makes me so happy that I could provide a small piece of comfort as they continue to keep his memory alive. Thank you for trusting me with this project.

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