Penguin Feeding at the New England Aquarium

One of my favorite ways to spend a weekend afternoon is to play tourist in the city. We hadn’t visited the New England Aquarium in several years and it was time to check out the renovated giant ocean tank that is the centerpiece of the aquarium’s main building. (I just checked; it was renovated inContinue reading “Penguin Feeding at the New England Aquarium”

Adopting the cropped: Welcome home, Uncle Bernie

Last year was a rough year in our house. We lost Waldo in July and then we lost Grandpa Brooke in November. There was time where I thought I wouldn’t climb out of the hole I was in. As their primary caretaker, I was an emotionally-drained shell by the time they both passed away. IContinue reading “Adopting the cropped: Welcome home, Uncle Bernie”