Adopting the cropped: Welcome home, Uncle Bernie

Last year was a rough year in our house. We lost Waldo in July and then we lost Grandpa Brooke in November. There was time where I thought I wouldn’t climb out of the hole I was in. As their primary caretaker, I was an emotionally-drained shell by the time they both passed away. IContinue reading “Adopting the cropped: Welcome home, Uncle Bernie”

A day in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam

During our nine days in Southern Vietnam, we booked several tours that would get us out of our home base in Ho Chi Minh City. One of the tours we booked was the day-long Authentic Mekong Delta tour with Les Rives, a reputable tour company in the area. We were picked up around in the lobbyContinue reading “A day in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam”

Quick trip to Louisville, Kentucky and Mammoth Cave National Park

During the last weekend of August, we took off on a quick weekend trip to Louisville and to Mammoth Cave National Park. It was one week after the grand North American eclipse (Kentucky was in the path of totality) and the weekend before Labor Day, so it was great timing to get a decent placeContinue reading “Quick trip to Louisville, Kentucky and Mammoth Cave National Park”