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Goodnight, Bernie Bear

Bernie was adopted at the age of 10. He was a former street dog who was riddled with cancer. We had the privilege of taking care of him for nearly 3 years.

Booker Fund photo shoot for Ginger

Before the world turned upside-down and we were all ordered to stay at home due to the coronavirus, I was able to volunteer my time as a photographer for a Booker Fund photo shoot on a beach in Rhode Island.

The Outhouse Races of the Lake George Winter Carnival

Our weekend at the Lake George Winter Carnival did not disappoint, as we were able to catch the famed outhouse races. Little did we know that these races are a 30-year tradition in the Lake George area.

The Most Fun Thing To Do in Roswell Costs $3

The fun factor in Alien Zone’s Area 51 in Roswell is off the charts. Where else can you pose with aliens in a secret area away from most tourists?


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About Me

Hey, I’m Linda. I am a content marketer and community manager with a background in content strategy, social media marketing, content creation, and photography. 

Outside of work, I am a photography nut, (slow) runner, 2x pittie mom, and a six-time NASA Social alum. 

During the pandemic, I picked up metalsmithing as a hobby and am learning jewelry techniques to fabricate rings, pendants, earrings, and anything else I can dream up. See my Metalsmithing Projects page for more.

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