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Goodnight, Bernie Bear

Uncle Bernie / Bernie Bear / “The Mayor” 2008-2021 Life is cruel and unpredictable. I keep asking myself how we celebrated Bern’s birthdayish a few days ago and now he’s gone. Bern started limping on Tuesday and was exhibiting signs of pain. We went to the vet and got him checked out and got newContinue reading “Goodnight, Bernie Bear”


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About Me

Hey, I’m Linda. I am a content marketer and community manager with a background in content strategy, social media marketing, content creation, and photography. 

Outside of work, I am a photography nut, (slow) runner, 2x pittie mom, and a six-time NASA Social alum. 

During the pandemic, I picked up metalsmithing as a hobby and am learning jewelry techniques to fabricate rings, pendants, earrings, and anything else I can dream up.

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