Another run: the first annual Colleen Ritzer 5K

On Sunday, May 4, I ran in the first annual Colleen Ritzer 5K in Andover.  The race was held in honor of Ritzer, a popular teacher who was murdered at Danvers High School. You can check out some local news coverage of the race via CBS Boston. It was amazing to run in a seaContinue reading “Another run: the first annual Colleen Ritzer 5K”

I survived the fourth annual Run for the Troops 5K

On April 6, I ran on the Yang’s Fitness Center team in the fourth annual Run for the Troops 5K in Andover, MA. All proceeds benefited the building of a specialized home for an injured war veteran. For this race, we ran to help Army vet Matt DeWitt and his family. He lost both arms belowContinue reading “I survived the fourth annual Run for the Troops 5K”

2nd Annual Troop Challenge at Yang’s Fitness Center

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend a charity event sponsored by Yang’s Fitness Center, a gym in Andover that is run by my sister Diana and her husband Alex. The event, called the Troop Challenge, featured a series of fitness challenges where 45 participants competed in jump rope, pushups, ab in/outs, wall sit,Continue reading “2nd Annual Troop Challenge at Yang’s Fitness Center”

Volunteering with Growing Places Garden Project

Yesterday, I spent a day volunteering with Growing Places Garden Project, a Massachusetts non-profit that builds food gardens for low-income families and teaches the skills to maintain them. My employer, a software company in MetroWest, gives us 8 hours of paid volunteer time each year and I took advantage of the warm weather to volunteer with Growing Places for outdoor garden builds.Continue reading “Volunteering with Growing Places Garden Project”