In bloom at Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Winter in New England seems like it lasts forever. Two weeks ago, the temperatures still dipped into the mid-30s at night but spring has arrived with a vengeance. This past Sunday, we welcomed the warm weather with another visit to Tower Hill Botanic Garden. Our previous visit was 6 weeks before, when it was too cold to ventureContinue reading “In bloom at Tower Hill Botanic Garden”

Searching for green at Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, but I was on the hunt for a different kind of green. I was in need of warmth and flowers. The Spring Equinox arrives on Wednesday, March 20, with a late winter snowstorm coming the day before. It was time to find a greenhouse where I could hang out andContinue reading “Searching for green at Tower Hill Botanic Garden”