How to visit Brimfield Antique Show weekend

I just visited the Brimfield Antique Show weekend for the first time ever, and it was so obvious that I arrived unprepared the moment I stepped out of the car. Here’s some info for the uninitiated: Brimfield is a small town in Massachusetts for 350 days of the year except for 15 glorious days whenContinue reading “How to visit Brimfield Antique Show weekend”

Road Trip to MASS MoCA art museum

One of the things I love about living in New England is that there is never a lack of activity on the weekends. If you want a road trip, Massachusetts is the perfect place for one. A one- to two-hour drive can net you anything from a day in Boston to an afternoon in Maine, a sailContinue reading “Road Trip to MASS MoCA art museum”

Hidden gem: Crowe’s Pasture Beach in South Dennis, MA

This past weekend, we were feeling a little spring fever-ish and headed toward Cape Cod in search of beaches. It was sunny, but the day was pretty cold at the shore with a steady, stiff breeze. The Cape is a usually a zoo in the summer, but it’s a great destination in the off-season asContinue reading “Hidden gem: Crowe’s Pasture Beach in South Dennis, MA”

B&W Challenge, Day 2: Chinatown Gateway in Boston

Here’s my post for Day 2 of the B&W photo challenge. This photo is Boston’s Chinatown Gateway at night. I am usually in this part of town on a Sunday morning for dim sum, groceries, and pastries so it was a different experience being there at night. Even on a late fall evening, there were menContinue reading “B&W Challenge, Day 2: Chinatown Gateway in Boston”