Custom Jewelry Order Guide

This guide is used to help you decide on design elements that will make your order truly custom to you, and it will help guide our discussion toward the finished product.


For ring orders, sizing is the most important part of the process. Most people do not know their ring size number or they may not realize that weight gain/loss or monthly cycles affect their ring size.

For best accuracy, I ask that all custom order clients provide a non-valuable ring that fits their preferred finger so that I can make your custom ring to that exact size. Due to previous issues with customers stating an incorrect size for customs, I cannot waiver on this requirement.

Selecting the Stone

My inventory of available stones is constantly evolving. Please see the Available Stones page for stones that are currently available or that will be available soon.

Ring Shank (Band)

The shank is the part of the ring that wraps around your finger. Choices here include a single band (a great choice for delicate or small stones), or wider options like a double or triple band. Even more options include a split shank design or a flat, texturized band.

Once you have chosen your stone, we can chat about what type of band will best support the size and width of the stone and what may best fit the proportions of your finger.

Bezel Style

The bezel is the strip of metal that secures the stone to the back plate of the ring. Bezel styles range from the rubover (smooth), to prong (claw) to a variety of styles with names like king, jester, and serrated.

Once you pick your stone, I can show you examples of the above and advise you on what may look best for the stone you have chosen.

Finish Type

The three popular choices here are polished silver (high shine), texturized, or oxidized. The metal finish works in concert with the type of stone, shank style, bezel setting, and overall design of the piece. I can show you examples of the above and advise you on what may look best for the overall design that you have chosen.

Timeline and Pricing

Timelines vary, especially during the holiday season. Generally, you can expect your piece to be finished approximately 3 weeks from receipt of the sample size ring. Factors that affect the timeline include: the design elements of the piece, receipt of the sample size ring from the client, availability of raw materials, and shipping times, which are a mess right now regardless of the carrier.

Pricing is affected by the elements laid out on this page. I will work with your budget to try and make something beautiful for you or for a loved one. Everyone deserves a bit of joy!

Please see the Jewelry Gallery page for samples of finished pieces.

Let’s build something beautiful together.