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From 2002 to 2011, Linda specialized in content development and writing for the professional audiovisual (AV) industry, covering technology and market trends. Her work included content creation for professional AV trade magazines, trade associations, equipment manufacturers, dealers, and systems integrators.

As of late 2011, she is no longer a full-time freelance writer. She blogs here, and occasionally blogs for her current employer.

You can find more about Linda elsewhere on the site. The following is a small selection of her published portfolio. To learn more about her work experience, connect with her.


The ThingWorx Blog

DDoS Attack Puts New Scrutiny on IoT Security (September 30, 2016)

What makes this DDoS attack unlike any other is that the botnet carrying out the attack is comprised of tens of thousands of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Yes, you read that right. An array of IP cameras, connected light bulbs, WiFi-enabled door locks, routers, and other connected devices are being used to carry out a data fire hose so massive that it brings Internet services to a complete halt.

Pokémon Go Shows Industrial Enterprise AR is Poised for Breakthrough (August 25, 2016)

The game’s most immediate impact is to expose and normalize augmented reality (AR) technology for a majority of the population.

5 Ways to Get Connected with ThingEvent (January 25, 2016)

Our ThingEvent is sure to make waves in the technology space as we show you the future of AR and IoT in the enterprise.

2016: The Year for AR in the Enterprise (January 7, 2016)

If you pay any attention to tech news, you may have heard more than once that augmented reality (AR) is the breakout star of 2016. Anyone who has experienced AR will tell you that it is unlike any other visual or interactive technology on the market today; that experience has now reached the enterprise.

Augmented Reality Is a Disruptive Technology, Says Goldman Sachs (January 15, 2016)

Goldman Sachs released a new report highlighting the future impact of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) across a number of industries.

STERIS Showcases the Value of Data and Proactive Service with ThingWorx (November 24, 2015)

Attendees at the Product Innovation Congress in Boston got a chance to hear about the IoT journey of STERIS, a global leader in infection prevention, contamination control, surgical and critical care technologies.


The Boston Globe

Small electronics retailers stay focused on service (July 17, 2012)
Rather than competing on the lowest prices, independent electronics stores focus on service in an age where every shopper can price-check an item using their smartphone, and a new TV is just a few clicks away.


AV business/market trend reports

Secure AV in Government: More than just AV (InfoComm Special Report, October 2011)
Working on projects for the government has always required a certain amount of discretion and attention to detail. And over time, the roles of the AV consultant and integrator have risen in profile as AV technologies have evolved into vital communications tools for government agencies. All of which means that AV professionals seeking work in the government marketplace are faced with requirements for something they may not have considered before: secure AV.

Acoustics snapshot (InfoComm Special Report, August 2011)
Like no other, the field of acoustics is rife with myth, misinformation and marketing tactics that belies the true science and legacy of the trade. Acousticians and acoustical experts have backgrounds rooted in math and science, and spend years studying and honing their craft. Today, acousticians and acoustical experts work on venues as diverse as classrooms, houses of worship, performance centers, courtrooms, broadcast and recording studios.

Classroom AV market update (InfoComm Special Report, March 2011)
The K-12 education market is at a turning point after several tough years of ever-shrinking state funding. Although the U.S. recession technically ended in June 2009, K-12 school districts across the country are still grappling with how to fund AV technology purchases due to the lag between the mainstream economy and school budget cycles

Finding the Digital Signage Champion (InfoComm Special Report, February 2011)
A company’s Information Technology (IT) department can be an AV professional’s toughest hurdle or biggest advocate. This dichotomy is especially true when dealing with non-retail digital signage systems. IT is often the first step in clearing the way for a successful deployment because digital signage systems can have heavy network involvement.

Doing Business in Hospitality AV (PRO AV Magazine, January 2011)
As the U.S. recession deepened in 2008 and 2009, people and companies cut back. For households, that meant cutting back on family vacations and eating out. At offices throughout the country, it meant fewer business trips. The net result was fewer people traveling, staying in hotels, attending conferences, or eating at new restaurants.

Closing the Gender Gap: Women in AV (PRO AV Magazine, December 2010)
Today, the number of women in AV are growing, bringing unique perspectives and expertise to a changing industrythough it hasn’t always been a smooth ride toward acceptance.

Back-of-house digital signage systems: An opportunity for AV (InfoComm International Special Report, December 2010)
Despite the recent recession and continued challenges to the world economy, the digital signage sector has enjoyed stellar growth for the past several years. Advertising-based digital signage in particular has seen a double-digit increase in 2010, according to several industry reports. However, there is a lesser known niche within the digital signage market that receives little notice yet can yield vast opportunities for AV integrators and system designers: back-of-house digital signage systems used for employee communication.


AV installs

Russell Investments install (PRO AV Magazine, May/June 2011 — now Sound & Video Contractor)
Step onto any of the Russell Investments floors and it’s clear that access to information and collaboration are top priorities. Visitors who enter the lobby areas are greeted by 50-foot-wide dynamic videowalls that use physical walls as their projection surfaces.

Ottawa Central Ambulance Communications Centre install (PRO AV Magazine, March/April 2011 — now Sound & Video Contractor)
The Ottawa center works on a 24/7/365 schedule during which 70 ambulance communications officers answer calls and dispatch more than 450 paramedics. Their operations are critical to public safety, so when it came time to design and build a new facility, the focus was on careful planning and working with trusted partners.

Gamers’ Delight: Chickie’s & Pete’s sports bar install (PRO AV Magazine, January/February 2011 — now Sound & Video Contractor)
Chickie’s & Pete’s is unlike most other sports bars. Located in the Parx Casino, the 13,000-square-foot Chickie’s & Pete’s includes AV systems that deliver group fan experiences as well as more private viewing and gaming affairs through the integration of 18 amusement pod entertainment centers (APECs).



Smart building technologies basics (InfoComm International Special Report, September 2011)
The AV industry often sits at the crux of revolutions in building design and technology. IT network convergence, green technology and integrated project delivery (IPD) are changing the way people design, inhabit and use a building. AV professionals are now turning their attention to smart building technologies (SBT), a growing force within the design and construction industries that, once again, requires a strong AV industry presence.

Video Switchers: What’s best for your ministry? (Church Production Magazine, April 2011)
Nothing captures a congregations’ attention than a rich production filled with videos and imagery. As more and more church productions layer their message with multimedia elements, they must rely on multiple video sources to achieve the desired result. Add to that the presence of high definition (HD) video and the right video switcher becomes an important component to provide seamless images, crisp video, and the correct output for broadcast or recording.

Fiber optics in AV (InfoComm International Special Report, November 2010)
Fiber optic networks are showing up in AV installs at an increasing rate, driven by the need to transport a large amount audio, video and data over a long distance. Historically, copper-based networks have been able to meet the demand but advancements in technology and changes in consumption behavior of content like high-definition video streaming has pushed the capacity of copper cables to their limit. Fiber optic cables and fiber optic networks are the obvious remedy to the increasing bandwidth needs of today’s users but the use of fiber optics is still fairly new to the AV industry.

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