Year 4: Do Cancerversaries ever get easier?

Another cancerversary has passed. When will this get easier? Will it ever?

The Crucible of Cancer

This is perhaps the most personal part of the journey: the re-assembly of me.

This Time Last Year

This time last year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had pretty invasive surgery, and was looking ahead to weeks of radiat

A dispatch from the other side of a breast cancer journey

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted about breast cancer, but the time has gone by in a flash. I finished trea

And then we came to the end (or is this the beginning?)

It’s been more than two weeks¬†since my final radiation treatment, and I’ve been delaying the writing of this post

The end of breast cancer treatment is near – and then what?

It’s 4am and I can’t sleep, so here I am again in front of my laptop. It is days before Thanksgiving and the end o

Radiation milestone: Saying goodbye to the breastboard!

I’m struggling with how to start off this post. This past week+ represented a few different milestones. To use the word

Finding kinship in a breast cancer support group

Last week, I reached another milestone in this so-called journey. I completed radiation treatment #15 out of 30 on Wednesday,

Radiation treatment is a mental marathon

I am slightly beyond one-third my way through this cancer clean-up process. Today, I completed radiation treatment #11. (Yes,

Sometimes you just have to push and wiggle

I started radiation therapy for my breast cancer today. It’s the first of thirty treatments that I will endure every wee

Want to help women with breast cancer? Donate to Friends’ Place

October is the month when we are awash in pink. Pink ribbons, pink shirts, pink hats, pink pins, pink buckets of chicken, and

Me – before cancer and after cancer

There are certain events that are so shocking or devastating that you just can’t help but remember where you were and wh

A breast cancer patient’s guide to breast procedures

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2014, I started researching anything and everything about the disease and the

5 things only someone with breast cancer would know (but you should too)

If you’re connected to me at all – via Facebook, Twitter, or through this blog – you know by now that I was

Finding comfort in the breast cancer battle

I’ve been on this cancer journey for 56 days now, and since that time the world has not looked or sounded the same to me