Goodnight, Bernie Bear

Uncle Bernie / Bernie Bear / “The Mayor” 2008-2021

Life is cruel and unpredictable. I keep asking myself how we celebrated Bern’s birthdayish a few days ago and now he’s gone. Bern started limping on Tuesday and was exhibiting signs of pain. We went to the vet and got him checked out and got new pain meds. Last night, he began to spiral. Old dogs can take a turn very quickly and that’s what happened. I could write ten paragraphs about what happened, what we did, and why we made the decisions we made. But that’s not a conversation I can have right now.

Bernie was my friend. My trusted shadow. He was “my” dog even though he loved Rich as well. I loved him fiercely and he loved me back.

This is my favorite photo of him/us and how I will always remember him. Riding with me everywhere I could take him. Head out the window. Face towards the sun.

You’ll always always be in my heart, Bernie Bear. You arrived in our lives and healed me when I needed you. I can’t wait to see you again one day. #fuckcancer #alldogsgotoheaven

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